M06 Cloud Platform

Create and manage your own cloud applications, your next webshop, mobile app or favourite custom SaaS solution.

  • Software as a service (SaaS) (including continuous updates).
  • Everything in one dashboard.
  • Instant access. 24/7 Dashboard access.
  • No coding required.
  • Save hours of design and development.
  • Cross platform compatibility. Android, IOS and the WEB (PWA).
  • Receive onetime and recurring payments (including iDEAL).
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M06 Cloud APIs

A set of APIs built with scalability in mind to help your business do more.

  • Custom Entities, GraphQL Supported. Query exactly what data you need.
  • Headless CMS API. Headless content management system. Manage pages and templates.
  • Ecommerce API. Manage products, services, payments and orders.
  • Web Scraping and Data Collection. Automated web scraping and data collection at scale.
  • Vision, Language APIs and More.
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